Weekend Warrior Worship Releases Debut EP

Glendale, AZ, May 25, 2011Weekend Warrior Worship today announced the release of their debut EP, entitled “Your Word”.  Founded to enable the church to connect with its ‘weekend warrior songwriters’, Weekend Warrior Worship’s music is a collaboration between songwriters and producer Jeff McCullough of Tree Hill Media.  Each project brings meaningful, well-written songs in a fresh presentation intended to offer new worship resources to the church.  Neither a band nor a church ministry, Weekend Warrior Worship is instead focused entirely on the songs themselves. Each production is designed to give the songs their best possible voice, and the songs themselves are chosen with criteria that stresses biblical integrity and musical quality.  Weekend Warrior Worship’s songs are performed by aspiring and established artists whose heart’s desire is to help the church worship.

“Your Word” features 5 songs written or co-written by weekend warrior Mark Snyder, a 20 year veteran lay worship leader for children and small groups who is also very active in online songwriting circles.  “I Choose to Praise You” is the first featured track, featuring vocals by Helene Immel and guitar work by Future of Forestry alum Nick Maybury. Composer/lyricist Mark Snyder says “I Choose to Praise You was written to provide the assurance we have in tumultuous times, that there is one thing we can stand on, and that is the Word of God”.

This theme resonates throughout “Your Word”.  Written as a multigenerational worship offering, the songs on the album reflect the transcendence of the One we worship that is revealed in His Word, presented in a way that will immediately engage listeners.  Each song comes from biblical passages that tell us who our God is, how exceptional a Creator/Savior we have, and how we can approach Him in our deepest needs.“Your Word” closes with “Let His Name”, a musical version of those ‘names of God’ posters so common a few years back.  Performed by Matt Nuss, “Let His Name” is sure to give congregations a new way to sing the praises of God by singing who He is.

Musically, “Your Word” features a production that will appeal to all ages.  The combination of Jeff McCullough’s keyboards and programming with Nick Maybury’s guitar and bass work and the vocal talents of Helene Immel, Morgan Leigh, Matt Nuss, and Josh Boyd offer a musical experience that is fresh, relevant, and well worth putting on your IPod.  To arm church worship teams with the best tools possible, Weekend Warrior Worship also offers ‘Weekend Warrior Cuts”, which are simplified guitar/piano versions of the songs intended to enable all types of worship leaders and teams to use them, as well as lead sheets, melody, sheets, four part arrangements, and video presentations.

Weekend Warrior Worship is online at www.weekendwarriorworship.com, and its music is available there and via ITunes and all major digital distribution outlets.


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