From Before the Beginning of Time

Copyright Brad Eberly,  all rights reserved
Released on the CD “I Will Listen With My Heart”, 2000

From before the beginning of time
To the day that we first called Your Name
You have persistently loved us
Even when we’ve gone astray

From the moment we drew our first breath
To this time right here and right now
Lord You’ve pursued and have drawn us
We were lost, but now we are  found

Lord we praise You
And we lift Your name up high
Lord we praise You
For Your love displayed in our lives

Lord we love you
And we open our hearts wide
To say we love you
And it’s you we glorify

From the most distant thunder on earth
To our hearts pounding strong in our chest
With all of creation we worship
To You Lord we offer our best

From the tiniest cell of our being
To the widest expanse of our reach
With all that we are Lord we praise You
With hands lifted up now we sing

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