New Merchandise Available

Hey WWW Fans we have a great gift idea you can give your pastor – our WWW starter kit.  We have been giving these away at different radio stations who are playing our music.  Our kit consists of a physical CD, a song book, and a tote bag.   Our song book has the sheet music and lead sheets from ‘Your Word‘ and the tote bag has the WWW logo designed by Dan Stone.  This kit is a great way to support the ongoing ministry of Weekend Warrior Worship, and also a wonderful way to introduce your worship pastor to WWW.

At WWW, we want to place no financial barriers to anyone accessing our resources.  Here on the site and all over the internet you can get all of our resources freely, including lead sheets, chord chards, and our recordings.  Your Word is available in its entirety on NoiseTrade (see link at left) for those who would like to download it.  Our primary goal is to give wide access to our resources.  We do appreciate it if you purchase the music or merchandise or you can always tip us if you get our music from NoiseTrade. All such support  will enable us to bring you more music in the future.  But please, whether you buy anything or not, please spread the word.   Word of mouth is a vital tool for new artists like WWW, and you are a part of that. So if you like the music, share it!

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