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Weekend Warrior Worship exists to provide biblically sound worship song resources to the church. We are a network of independent artists, songwriters, music industry pros, and like-minded supporters who strive to do one thing well – source the church with great, bible centered worship songs.  Psalm 98:1 says “Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him. (NIV). God desires us to listen to him, to hear His voice, and to lay down our life in worship of Him.   At WWW, we believe that worship music and worship songs are vital, key elements in helping the church listen to His voice and worship Him, especially worship songs that are centered in the Word of God as provided to us in the Holy Scriptures.

At Weekend Warrior Worship, we provide a professional, comprehensive set of song resources for each song we offer.  These resources are available on this site, and through 3rd party distribution outlets such as ITunes, Praisecharts, and others.  First and foremost are our song values.

WWW Song Values

WWW is entirely song focused.  Songs sourced from churches, from the web, by word of mouth, from existing, like-minded artist contributors, and via other networks, and developed as necessary to make them shine via a thorough application of the song writing craft.  Songs are chosen with:

  • Lyrical and theological integrity.  Weekend Warrior Worship songs say something
  • Usefulness to the widest possible variety of church settings
  • Memorable melodies
  • Simplicity and authenticity
  • Existing or potential church impact

Wide Access. At WWW, we strive to offer wide access to all of our resources.  When we produce and distribute resources such as professional recordings or videos, our goal is to increase access. Our sheet music resources are made available here on our site and via established distributors such as PraiseCharts. Song licensing is up to each contributor, but WWW’s goal is never to introduce obstacles that inhibit any usage of our songs by the church.

Performance Productions

CDs and Digital Versions.  Weekend Warrior Worship is not a band nor is it a church music ministry.  When our music production team finds and produce a new song, we have the freedom to design a production that bests suits each song.  Whether we make a new production or offer an existing one on our site, the production values are such that the songs are usable in any venue, from video-based presentation to radio airplay to CD’s.  These productions offer a template for contemporary church bands to use the songs.  Weekend Warrior Worship productions feature:

  • Top notch sound from the latest recording technologies
  • Authentic instrumentation, grooves, and live parts from anointed studio players
  • Engaging vocals in congregationally friendly ranges

Video Versions. Designed for church or online use and distribution, Weekend Warrior Worship video productions are designed to help a wide audience get introduced to the songs.

Church Resource Kits

Simple Versions.  Each song is also provided in a basic guitar/piano format usable by the weekend warrior in smaller settings.  WWW songs can be picked up by youth groups, song leaders,  piano-led choirs, campfire crooners, end everyone in between easily.  A great song should engage people to participate in it and to sing it.  Our songs are chosen with this in mind.

Worship Team Resources. Melody sheets, split tracks, and 4 part piano arrangements in written and popular digital formats.

Song Stories, songwriter background, and introductions and recommendations for use.

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